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Being half German, half Italian and living most of my life up the northern regions like Germany and the United Kingdom where it is often cold and rainy I decided to get rid of my possessions that by now had possessed me instead, and not wanting to travel with just a sack I felt the need to still have some kind of a roof over my head. So I bought a 9 meter classical, steel sailing boat to take me to the warmer parts of my life and sailed her from the North of Germany near Denmark on the Baltic Sea over canals and rivers of Germany; Holland; Belgium and France to the Mediterranean Sea.

This is my second time on the waterway, the first one ended tragically in the anchor zone in the harbour of La Coruna in Spain in 1989 when the 30 meter commercial fishing vessel Villamanin commanded by a drunken skipper rammed and sunk my boat, a hit and run and I never got a penny after 12 years of court and sleepless nights on land but once one has been living on the water one will always go back to it and that’s why my second journey started in 2011 on my beautiful Dutch sailing boat Nausikaa.


What do you do for a living? This life on the boat must cost you a fortune, how can you afford it? They ask me.

It’ll probably cost me a fortune if I’ll be renting a flat with a studio for my artwork in Munich or London for example. Harbour fees for a boat under nine meters are less then three-hundred Euro’s inclusive water and electricity per month in most places at the Mediterranean Sea, that is of cause during the off season which counts from October to the end of March and counting for harbours that are not particularly run by millionaires for billionaires. At high season the harbour mooring fees are double and it is slowly going up every year, for there are just to many tourist yachts and the place is getting crowded. Still it costs me less rent per year then a small flat in London or Munich and over the Summer there are places where I can anchor, which saves me the harbour fees and keeps me away from the computer and other electronic devices so I can get smudged with real paint, glue, charcoal and ink and wash it off by jumping into the biggest swimming pool of the world just by jumping over my railing.

So here is one of the reason why I am making this website. As you have probably guessed I am trying to sell you biodegradable paints, inks and glues. Well you almost guessed right, only I am not selling paints, inks and glues in liquid form but applied on textures like wood; canvas and paper as my work of art which will have a great value one day. Not being able to store all my work on my boats tiny studio for a next upcoming exhibition which I don’t even know where I would be when it comes to it, I offer it for sale on this site.

Besides of being the proud owner of a real C.Ravenstein i give you the opportunity to become a midwife to help giving birth for this animated short film and I will explain how it will be possible for you to make some contribution in form of donation to earn your gifts.

Bee_Oouhyour purchase or donation will help me to do amendments, repair and maintain the studio afloat, it will financially support me and allow me to finance some animation assistance for the animated film.

I hope that you find pleasure in reading the other pages and please feel free to leave a remark or any question you may have and I thank you for your support or partnership in helping me to stay afloat and to waterway me further.

Kind regards,

your fybs C. Ravenstein






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