the film

Animated film about the cycles of life and the rhythms of nature called ‘Birds and Bees’. Aimed primarily at children but subliminally at adults, the film unifies the micro and the macrocosmic universe into a fluid dance through an animated wonderland. This multimedia film is a combination of 2D and 3D animation, it has no oral dialogue and can therefore be understood in any language. Its feature length will be around 7 minutes and able to run as a loop, for the ending is the start just as real life is.

I have been working on this story since the year 2005, the script is solid and so is the storyboard and there is a rough clip with unfinished background that survived on a DVD after my studio suffered a burglary and three years of work had been gone. The clip shows a pollination scene designed in the traditional 2D style that can be seen here:

Why fund it?

Many artists today including myself embrace stories about doom and gloom thinking that this is what the media wants, making them feel safe in their comfortable surroundings of their homes or just to show how good one is in shocking. Fear, disgust, hate and violence are strong carriers of emotion, healthy for the wallets belonging to the ones that market those stories but surely not for the buyers. So I decided that it is by time to tell the story about real life, a story every child is asking for once it reaches a certain age; a story about love and existence; the story about the birds and the bees.


So far I have been working on my own on this project, a slow progress at 24 frames per second which are 12 drawings for each second of film, each to be coloured in individually. The background are often oil, water or pastel paintings textured onto 3D models. The scene inside the pregnant woman, the atoms and quarks and the scene in space have particle systems and I will have to hire a render farm alone for the hours it will take to render…in other words it is time to ask for financial backup and I am asking you to help giving birth to this film about birth, a film about life.


Rigged and ready to animate, just have to make the honey pot


Bee_shockTeeth and inner mouth,
the tongue and uvula are rigged

loversThe human lovers in traditional 2D

bloodcellsScene inside body: camera moves to blood cells, DNA and quarks

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